Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Pastor And Wife Church Anniversary Speeches

A good partner ...


What I'm going to say, for many it may be obvious, others maybe not, but I concluded that it is completely true for the simple fact of having seen and have felt about my face ... ie, very close.

A good match, ie a couple honest, simple, noble, principled, and worthy of greater praise ex ... is made up of only one way:

The only way a couple can be good is when two human beings that make up ... are good.

so easy and difficult ... that is, if one of them is a liar, not based on the principles, etc ... So the couple - even if the other person if you have all the good qualities that we mentioned - may not be a good partner.


This is even worse when we take the inner track, that is, if you, you ... you liar, or breaches the principles or not you are honest with yourself and with no others ... well you can be sure that you will not be content with a good partner ... someone that does not mean that you will not be able to find someone you can share the rest of your life ... not that.

just means do not expect someone with whom you become a man or woman based on principles, or completely free ... because it will not happen, it depends on you. Only you.

So you, dear reader, is or will be a good partner? ... Ah but always remember ... you're still on time.

There is still time.



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